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With over 50 years of combined professional experience in the theatre, Diane and Cree offer a variety of services to fit your needs however large or small the project may be. Let us partner with you to achieve your goals! 


Diane believes great theatre productions and notable theatre companies emerge in an environment where leaders blend a commitment to artistic collaboration and best business practices. She believes theatre management is an art form in and of itself, and needs to support a theatre’s artistic mission, its artists and other stakeholders.

Diane has spent the last 25 years committed to finding and maintaining the delicate balance between art and business at not-for-profit regional theatres, and in University theatre departments and schools. She has experience managing and leading theatre companies during challenging financial periods and in financial crisis, as well as in times of great internal and external changes. She has developed strategies for leading theatre boards and staff through formal and informal change management processes that asks stakeholders to examine all of theirs assumptions including mission, programming, revenue generation, budget allocations, staffing, board organization and brand alignment.


Diane’s work is concentrated in strategic and operations planning; financial assessment, modeling and strategies; organizational development and growth; budgeting and financial forecasting; and crisis management. Diane also has a deep interest in arts leadership practices and ethics, staff
management coaching, mentorship, leadership succession planning, and interim management.



For over 30 years Cree has dedicated his work in theatre to the development and career advancement of artists.  He believes that all actors, designers, teachers and artistic administrators must work constantly to keep their work relevant.  A huge part of that relevance is a strong tie-in to community (audience, fellow artists and organizations) and a commitment to the power of process and collaboration.   


With 16 years of experience casting in Chicago, Cree has developed a keen view of the many casting challenges for companies of all levels, and is able to find the right matches in the vast Chicago acting pool. Cree will partner with you to determine your needs, immediate and long-term, and he will use his network and search abilities developed from years of working in Chicago theatre.  The costs are reasonable and it’s a great way to control your casting expenses.


Education programs serve a variety of purposes for theatre companies, including providing classes, in-school residencies, performances and additional programming aimed at building strong ties. Workshops, classes and student matinees can provide additional revenues, while contributions received through grants and donations support the work and help expand the overall programming. Cree can assist with any or all of these and more. You may need advice and direction in developing your education programming, or you may want someone to actually administer and execute your programming.  Cree is open to all levels of involvement and will meet with you free of charge to make these determinations and/or you can request a proposal based on your needs.

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