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"I highly recommend Ms. Claussen for her knowledge of challenges facing arts organizations and for her personal ability to lead meaningful discussion. Her winning way with people ensures that planning sessions are productive and everyone's voice is heard. I have no hesitation in recommending her for your next project."


Bridget McDonough, Founder 
Music Theater Works

"Cree is 100% heart. As Head of Education at Court Theatre, he worked tirelessly to make sure my students had full access to both high-quality training and productions."


Sarah Mostad,Drama Teacher (and Arts Liaison)

Wendell Phillips Academy High School

"Diane's personal commitment to diving in quickly, guiding us towards solutions, asking the difficult questions, and leading us toward decisions, was miles beyond what I, my Executive team and Board expected. I personally believe Diane saved us a couple years of 'trial and error' mistakes! Very quickly Diane gained my team's trust via her decades of arts management leadership experience, her candid sharing of her own successes and 'non-successes' and her positive, collaborative spirit." 

Karen Cardarelli, Co-founder
Emerald City Theatre

"I have worked with Cree for many years and on many casting projects. He's got a great eye, an intuitive understanding of a director's vision, a dramaturgical understanding of material and.... is a true pleasure to collaborate with."


Sam Samuelson

Stewart Talent



"Cree has (during the last twenty years) built, developed, maintained, and mastered a well-rounded Chicago theatre career.  When working as a Casting Director, he is focused, committed, giving, and is the ultimate example of team and ensemble work. When working in Educational Theatre, he displays a unique ability/talent to understand the actor (experienced or in-experienced)."


Luther Goins, Former Executive Director

Congo Square Theatre Company


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