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A resource for the Chicago theatre community.


Diane and Cree share a life-long passion for theatre. Both found theatre as "child actors” and as young adults began working in professional theatre – Cree in directing, casting, arts education and artistic administration, and Diane in marketing, development, management, leadership, producing and teaching. Since meeting at George Street Playhouse in New Jersey 32 years ago they have shared a journey in not-for-profit regional theatre and arts education.


In 2018, Diane and Cree formally merged their professional commitment to Chicago’s theatre community and created 3C Theatre Partners, focusing on the work they like to do and the impact they want to make, while continuing to serve Chicago Theatre.

  • Casting

  • Arts Education

  • ​Artistic Administration

  • Strategic Planning​

  • ​Financial Management

  • Executive Searches

  • Interim Management

  • Organizational Assessments

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